Green Cargo Containers Replace Conventional Dutch Housing

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The housing market in Amsterdam, Holland is going green in a major and ground-breaking way. The need for housing in Amsterdam has the city burst at the seams in search for alternative solutions to their very serious shortage of housing availability.

Dutch local planners came up with the great idea of using industrial waste to create what is called Container Bay. This unique housing complex is solely made up of old and discarded shipping cargo containers that would otherwise be dumped in far away lands polluting both the atmosphere and harming the environment.

The initiative to put these oversize metal boxes to better use and utilize their eco-friendly aspects has made for a spell bounding winning solution to Amsterdam’s housing problems. The problem with Amsterdam housing is not merely that there is no new housing available, but also the city is off very limited land space and has not new land zoning areas for building use.

There simply is no new land available that can be sought for any new housing initiatives which the city so badly needs for the residents of Amsterdam. The instant solution is to build new housing by way of the sturdy framed shipping containers to construct Dutch style yet basis housing as habitable structures.

There are ups and downs to this very living in a “box” method of makeshift housing construction. For starters cargo buildings going up are also cargo buildings scheduled to come down in as few as 12 years in some circumstances. The cargo structures built are considered to not be long term solutions but instead holding quite a unique shelf life.

The first launched housing project was set in motion to solve one of Amsterdam’s most pressing of housing needs which could then provided hundreds of neat and compact apartments to students studying in the city. This came as much as a surprised to the student expected to take up residence in the modern yet cargo-que style apartments.

But once viewed, the students given the opportunity to try out the cargo apartments first hand found that cargo housing was more than adequate and even provided them with more living space then they otherwise would have received in conventional University housing.

The city of Amsterdam definitely deserves a pat on the back for making great eco-friendly use out of something that otherwise would have done great damage to the eco movement for centuries to come. Even the students of Amsterdam residing in the hip and modern apartments are singing the praises of the cargo apartment.

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