The Divine Vedic Science of Healing with Light

In the Vedic Scriptures all creation is believed to start from divine light emanating from the Supreme Being. From the Kurma Purana, chapter 3, verses 1 & 2 are describing Bhuvanakosha or the matrix of the universe, In this manner the Terrific Lord, the Lord of the Lords, the universal Grandfather, constantly creates time, He being the Essence of time, using a body endowed with all possible powers. The rays that Compose His body are omnipresent and illume the countless worlds in the world. One of them seven is the very best and the greatest as they form the matrices of the seven planets.astrology

This reference to the Seven colours of the rainbow, or the elements of visible light, herein state that the substratum of the world is composed of those seven principal rays and are reported to be chief amongst the beams forming the body of the world and the Supreme Godhead. In stating that these beams are identical with the world and also with the forces of God, or the qualities of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence, additionally, it infers they are responsible for production, maintenance and destruction of the world, according to the Supreme will and the impact of time. The connection between The five Mahabhutas and the planets is shown in Vedic astrological works, especially Brihat Jataka by Varaha Mihira around 400 A.D. It speaks of the Sun as the condensed form of the red ray, Moon of orange, Mars of yellowish, Mercury of green, Jupiter of blue, Venus of indigo and Saturn violet.

It is in the pitra dosha calculator that the practice of colour rays within production is taken a step further with the reference of the Pancha Mahabhutas, or five great elements in the kind of earth, fire, water, air and ether. It is concluded that ground is the condensed green shade, water of orange and indigo, fire of yellow and red, air of purple and ether blue. The Pancha Tanmatras, or five subtle substances considered from the Samkhya philosophical system, have their sfource in these seven cosmic colours. The red cosmic color accounts for sight, green for odor, violet for touch, blue for noise, and orange for flavor respectively. The yellow ray, which is warming and the indigo ray, which is cooling, regulate the body’s temperature.

Examination of the Sense organs through a prism will really show these colours to the eye if analyzed carefully. There’ll be a green glow around the tip of the nose and red will be visible in the eyes. The skin will give off a feeling of purple and the tongue orange. Within the cavities of the head, the ears and mouth, blue will be discovered.

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