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Using social media to understand customer needs

Leveraging and monetizing social media past the automobile dealer’s staff can be accessible through technology driven Internet solutions such as the sport altering car buying/selling search portal ronsmap. Ronsmap serves customers and automobile dealers alike with marketplace smart leads which optimize the R.O.I. for it is trader by engaging customers via social networking when enabling customers to efficiently choose the vehicle and trader who serves their own needs. Search engine fatigue is a known phenomenon that is made by the infinite lists of respective vehicles which are introduced from the search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and traditional third party vehicle inventory advertising portals such as Auto Trader., Vehix, Edmonds later implementing their blockers based on keywords entered from the internet shopper.

Social Media Advertising

Ronsmap is configured just like Google Maps with geo targeted zones representing every vehicle for sale in concentric circles by the internet shoppers place identified by the IP address of the computer which accesses the website. As opposed to introducing vertical pages of individual vehicles at the specific sequence entrusted by paid premium ranks or improved S.E.O. techniques employed from the seller, ronsmap aggregates every vehicle for sale on the world wide web horizontally on a map together with vehicle listings sourced via immediate data feeds from participating car dealership social media advertising agency in addition to for sale by owner listings supplemented with their own proprietary ontology semantic indexing and extraction procedure which acts as a mini Google search engine concentrated exclusively on pre owned and new vehicles. The outcome is a level playing field for all auto dealers and private sellers which enable customers to easily locate choose and compare pre owned and new vehicles of each make and model for sale at a pre determined space from their house or office.

Even more distinctively, ronsmap has incorporated social network feature performance which makes it possible for customers to solicit views in their internet friends to assist them make a purchasing decision. Their back program pushes the info on the vehicles the ronsmap shopper chooses straight to their private social media communities. Besides this neighborhood voice this solicitation creates, Google has discovered to burden actual time social networking messages in their own search algorithms to boost the relevancy of the client’s searches that further extends the S.E.O. of their posting trader to the full World Wide Web. The rear end analytics to be found on the website that is offered to the posting automobile dealers supplies them with a social media profile of the internet shopper in addition to real time viral coefficients related to the messages sourced from back that measure the R.O.I. accomplished by the trader through the elongated social media actions supplied by ronsmap.

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