Ways to Lower Your Printing Cost

Banner printing company Singapore

The most effective way to get the best price deal on a commercial banner printing is to talk to your printing service provider as early as you can. Since every printing project is unique, options on how to produce them efficiently are also different. Discussing your printing project with your printing service providers enable you to provide additional suggestion and variety of choices to be more specific to your printing project which can save you more money in the long run.

Banner printing company Singapore

Below are the following common penny-wiser moves you can try:

  1. Know the Size of Your Materials

Two things break down the price: sheet optimization and production automation. The size of your printing materials will determine how many press sheet is used or whether or not your materials can be automated through the printing equipment.

Sheet Optimization

Paper is the main factor of costs in your printing job. Using every bit of each press sheet is the answer to reduce the amount of paper needed to finish a certain printing project.

Production Automation

Any printing task that utilizes machinery and printing equipment compared to manual labor will reduce cost and increases turnaround speeds.

  1. Printing Service Provider’s House Stock

Commercial printers buy their stocks in bulk which enables them for a reduction in expenses for both service provider and you. These bulk stocks are often called house stocks which are not only to provide a better price but also can speed up your printing process job since all the materials are ready and available.

  1. Shells

 If you print the same printing design all over again and use the same layout or background, pre-printing shells would be the best for you. Shells are created in huge runs which includes all the basic areas of a series of the sheet. This is often used to mix the cost-effectiveness of huge-run conventional printing with digital printing.


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